Supporting the public sector

We work with Government at every level to develop and grow new markets for social impact investing. We aim to help shape policy, to support incentives and tax relief for social impact investing, and to extend the evidence base for different models of social impact investing.

Unlocking funding

In 2022, the Government conducted a consultation on how to allocate a further estimated £738 million of dormant assets for England. We have worked in close collaboration with Access – The Foundation for Social Investment, Social Enterprise UK and many others, on the Community Enterprise Growth Plan to make the case for a portion of these newly unlocked funds to be allocated to social impact investment. We have evidenced that social impact investment can play a significant role in tackling some of the most pressing social issues in the UK, and we will continue to engage policymakers on ways to further address these key issues.

Outcomes for all

To further advocate for social impact investment to key Government and policy-Maker audiences, we also commissioned a significant piece of independent research. The report was the first of its kind at a market level – to demonstrate the social value created by social outcomes contracts over the last ten years. Our Outcomes for All report clearly set out the value social impact investment can bring Government – social outcomes contracts have so far generated over £1.4 billion of value. This equates to just over £10 of social value for every taxpayer £1 spent, including £3 of fiscal savings to budgets, and shows the transformative impact this innovative approach to delivering public services can have on people’s lives.