Investing for
social impact

All Child (formerly West London Zone) received investment through an outcomes-based contract to help improve the lives of young people.

We are now Better Society Capital!

We are proud of the progress we have made so far on our mission to grow the social impact investment market and as the market has grown and our profile has increased, we feel the time is right to evolve our name to one that better articulates our mission while preserving a clear connection to what we have achieved so far.

We remain committed to the same mission and our current strategy, our scope of business remains unchanged. The change of name is about more accurately reflecting our work externally.

We know we cannot achieve our mission alone and look forward to our continued partnerships across the sector and beyond as Better Society Capital.

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Growing the social impact investment market

Our mission is to grow the amount of ​money invested in tackling social issues and inequalities in the UK. We do this by investing ourselves and enabling others to invest for impact too.

Our impact

Since 2011, we have helped the social impact investment market grow eleven-fold to over £9bn. This capital has financed social purpose organisations tackling everything from homelessness to mental health and fuel poverty.

  • £9.4bn

    value of social impact investment market at end of 2022, an 18% increase since 2021

  • 11x

    eleven-fold growth in eleven years, increasing from £830m in 2011

  • 6,000

    the total number of outstanding deals into social impact investment

Partner with us

We work with expert partners, uniting ideas, capital and expertise to create a better, sustainable future.

  • For Government

    Social impact investment can help improve the way public services are delivered and tackle significant social issues. By partnering with social investors, Government can attract significant additional investment to help solve the most difficult problems the public cares about.

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  • For investors

    There are many ways that different types of investors can have a significant impact. Trusts, foundations, individuals and mainstream investors can all help to improve the lives of people while also achieving a financial return.

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  • For fund managers

    We invest through fund managers and support them to measure and manage social impact after an investment is made. We can help develop strong, sustainable business models.

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