Adding value to our managers

The Investment Network builds out external partnerships, tools and resources to help fund managers achieve their objectives of scale.


What we do

After an investment is made, we support fund managers and individual experts to measure and manage social impact and financial performance, and help them to develop strong, sustainable business models. We build a diverse and experienced network around fund managers, connecting them with quality support, resources, and tools to drive impact and growth. We aim to share the lessons we've learnt to contribute to market development over time.

Building Blocks

Our toolkit

How we take an active role after we make an investment to achieve impact:

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    Amplify best practice in impact through measurement, management, and support.

  • talent management

    Talent management

    Hands-on support in recruiting and retaining talent, along with creating learning and development opportunities for staff.

  • Investor relations

    Investor relations

    Helping to increase scale by supporting with investor introductions and interactions.

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    Marketing support

    Access to BSC’s networks and social media presence.

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    Opening up connections with sector specialists, advisors, and partner organisations.

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    Resources and tools

    Providing strategic best practice advice, tools, resources, and training.

Community building

We bring people and organisations together to build a more connected impact ecosystem and to support our fund managers. Find out more about the communities we build by clicking on the links below:

Collaborating for impact at scale

We work with corporate partners and experienced individuals to support BSC and our fund managers through impactful projects that help accelerate the social impact investing market in the UK. If you want to learn about how you or your organisation can work with us, please get in touch with the team.

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If you want to learn about how you or your organisation can collaborate for impact at scale, get in touch.