Social outcomes

We want a system that improves the lives of people with complex needs while creating better value in public service delivery.


Working in partnership

All over the UK, the pandemic has further highlighted the need for better ways of addressing complex social issues. This is hard to do through traditionally siloed public service delivery. Local social enterprises and charities are often best placed to deliver a range of these public services. They tackle many issues, from supporting people into work and improving educational attainment, to reducing reoffending and tackling addiction.

Outcomes for all

An in-depth look at the past decade of Social Outcomes Contracts (SOCs) in the UK. Read the report to find out the potential of SOCs in tackling many of the countries most social complex issues.

An outcomes-based contract to improve lives

In England, 20% of children leave school with no basic numeracy or literacy skills. West London Zone (WLZ) works with local schools to find the children who might benefit the most from its two-year development programme. Children work with a Link Worker based at the child’s school to set personal development goals to build their confidence, relationships, and academic achievement.

WLZ is an outcomes-based contract. The commissioners (Government, local schools, councils and philanthropists) only pay for measurable improvements in the lives of young people.

The role of social impact investment

Social impact investment can create a system that improves the lives of people with complex needs, creating better value in public service delivery and targeting prevention rather than crisis response. It also allows social enterprises and charities to collaborate on service design, enables flexible delivery, and ensures accountability.

We help bring together multiple parties to design and deliver services which align the interests of commissioners, delivery organisations and social investors. We work with specialist fund managers who have deep connections with delivery organisations and the commissioners who pay for successful outcomes.

  • £215m committed to outcomes funding by central government to date
  • £1.9bn of public value delivered through social outcomes contracts in the UK
  • 55000 individuals with complex needs currently reached by social outcomes contracts

Social outcomes funds

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