Partnering with Government

Social impact investment can help improve the way public services are delivered and tackle significant social issues.

How Government can spend smarter

By partnering with social investors and “spending smarter”, Government can attract significant additional investment to help solve the most difficult problems the public cares about, grow the economy, and ensure lasting improvements to people’s lives. This partnership has the potential to unlock more than £50 billion of private investment over the next five to ten years without additional cost to government. Simply put, it’s Better Investment for a Better Britain.

Better investment for a better Britain

Our recommended principles for unlocking private investment to achieve social goals:

  • Spend smarter

    Spend smarter by allocating existing government spend to projects that crowd in more social and private investment where appropriate, meaning that taxpayers money goes further.

  • Public services

    Put people at the heart of public services by shifting to commissioning for outcomes so that government pays for genuine positive and measurable change to people’s lives when tackling issues in health, housing and education.

  • Integrate across government

    Integrate social impact investment across government given the vital role it can play across government from health to housing, setting up a cross-government strategy with responsibility sitting centrally – in either Cabinet Office or Treasury.

Our approach to Government

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    We work with central Government to create policies that support the overall social impact investing market. In particular government policy is vital to the development of two market systems - social outcomes contracts and social lending.

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    We build strong relationships with key decision makers at the heart of Government, and long-term partnerships across the social investment sector which amplify our voice within government.

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    We identify and help Government and public bodies to invest in specific social impact investment funds that help them to meet their policy objectives in new ways. For example, in the arts, sports, and homelessness sectors.

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