Better Society Capital responds to the General Election


Responding to the General Election result, Better Society Capital Chief Executive Stephen Muers said:

“I would like to congratulate Sir Keir Starmer and our new government on taking office at a hugely important time.

The social impact investment sector is ready to support. Through providing social and affordable housing, creating cheaper and more efficient public services and funding innovative tech products which change lives every day, social investment has proven to be a trusted mechanism to help government deliver on promises.

By creating a policy environment which fosters social investment, the new government can leverage £50 billion of additional investment to make positive impact across the country. We look forward to collaborating with Sir Keir Starmer and his new Government, helping to develop solutions for making tax-payer money go further, and making society better for all those living in the UK.”


Press Contact

Ian Young, PR and Media Relations Officer, Better Society Capital

Better Society Capital Chief Executive Stephen Muers is available for interview or to provide written comment on what the new government means for social investment

About Better Society Capital

Better Society Capital is the UK’s leading social impact investor. Our mission is to grow the amount of money invested in tackling social issues and inequalities in the UK. We do this by investing our own capital and helping others invest for impact too.

Since 2012, we have helped build a market that has directed more than £9 billion into social purpose organisations tackling issues from homelessness and mental health to childhood obesity and fuel poverty, a ten-fold increase in ten years.

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