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We want to build a venture ecosystem that effectively nurtures and scales innovative ways of tackling social problems. ​


Investing in startups that improve people's lives

Many people face daily challenges around issues such as financial inclusion, education, and health and wellbeing. Innovative technology solutions can tackle these issues and deliver products and services that meet people’s needs better.

Improving financial wellbeing through tech

Wagestream is tackling the invisible, urgent problem of financial stress – helping employers roll out a financial wellbeing app for staff that reduces reliance on predatory forms of credit and builds up their savings and financial resilience. Wagestream also works with experts to give tips on managing money and budgeting and offers employees the chance to build up a savings pot.

Wagestream received an investment from the £10 million Fair by Design Fund, managed by Ascension, which Better Society Capital invested £6 million into.

The role of social impact investment

Social impact investment encourages and supports innovation by investing in those startup technology companies with impact at their core. These companies have the potential to change people's lives through the products and services they deliver, while their business models can allow them to scale rapidly and reach more people, more effectively.

We channel our own capital, bringing in other investors alongside, into scalable impact ventures. We invest in venture capital fund managers who bring the right values and skills to find and back a diverse range of impact startups. We complement these investments through a range of support, including building networks and embedding the discipline, processes and benefits of impact investing across the venture sector.

  • £126m Total capital committed by Better Society Capital
  • 129 Number of impact-targeting startups our capital has supported
  • 7.4m Number of people those startups have supported

Startups creating impact

Across our portfolio, more than 100 startups are improving people’s lives in health, education and training, and financial inclusion.

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    The team at Better Society Capital are extremely thoughtful in their approach to impact and their depth of knowledge and collaborative outlook has been instrumental as we have launched Eka over the last two years.

    Jon- Eka ventures.jpeg

    Jon Coker

    Founding Partner, Eka Ventures
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    From the fund’s inception, the Better Society Capital team struck the perfect balance between holding us accountable to our impact framework and being a fantastic fund champion. They have been particularly supportive in helping us think about fundraising strategies, whilst building a sound impact thesis.

    Emma Steele - Ascension Ventures.png

    Emma Steele

    Investment Director, Ascension

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