Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We are here to reduce inequality and to build a fairer society; through the use of our capital, building the market and through our people.


We have an opportunity to put equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) at the forefront of our organisation and the wider social impact investment sector. It is possible for us to achieve impact both through cultural change and as a result of our investments.

Our actions and behaviours, the way we work with other organisations, the people we reach in our events and campaigns and our investment decisions and capital can all influence change. We want to ensure that equity, diversity and inclusion is at the heart of our strategy to grow the social impact investment market.

EDI chart

Three principles guide our EDI approach:

  • 1. Intention

    We will seek continual improvement to make progress towards our goals

  • 2. Transparency

    We will share what progress we are making and what challenges we have encountered

  • 3. Building Capacity

    We will learn from others and support our own staff through training and development

Our framework

Following a detailed independent review conducted by Inclusive Boards into our diversity and inclusion approach in 2021 we adopted a framework which guided the development of our action plan. The framework identifies four key priority areas and how these are intrinsically linked to our mission and vision.

  • People and culture

    We want to be one of the most equitable, diverse and inclusive employers in the social investment sector by creating a culture that supports employees to bring as much of their whole selves to work as they wish.

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  • Engagement and market building

    Our mission is to grow investment in social impact by engaging with and supporting the widest and most diverse range of investors, entrepreneurs and other partners.

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  • Investment and portfolio

    We want to change the way we make our investment decisions to ensure we consistently make investment decisions considering Equity, Diversity and Inclusion factors. We want to contribute towards improving the EDI policies and practices of our fund managers and for more capital to flow to diverse-led frontline organisations that were previously underserved.

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  • Governance

    Equity, Diversity and Inclusion will be at the heart of our strategy and mission to reduce inequality (systems change) to grow the social investment market and allow for more equitable and inclusive access to social impact investment across diverse communities and the entrepreneurs of social purpose organisations who seek to improve lives.

    Board diversity policy

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion action plan

Our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion plan sets out our outcomes and aims for each of the actions we are committing to and the key objectives for the four priority areas.

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