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Working together to grow the amount of ​money invested in tackling social issues and inequalities in the UK.

Social impact investment can form part of investor portfolios over time but too many people face unnecessary challenges doing so. We want to help investors overcome these challenges by breaking down the barriers that prevent many from making the investments that they want to make.

Who we help

We provide impartial and impact driven guidance to professional and institutional investors of all shapes and sizes regardless of where you are on your journey. We’ve invested alongside pension funds, university endowments, charitable trusts and foundations, wealthy individuals and families and Government.

Huge social need in the UK

  • 250,000

    people currently homeless

  • 3.3 million

    households are fuel poor

  • 1.5 million

    older people do not receive the care and support they need for essential activities

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    My experience of impact investment is it’s come a very long way, the market is growing, there is a lot more general interest, creating a new paradigm of investments that take into account people and nature and change the way we’re conducting business as usual.

    Lauren Ferstanding

    Managing Director, NatureVest
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    It’s not about giving up returns, but it’s really about using business models, using financial capital to have a positive impact on the world, whilst also making a financial return.

    Kristen Siegel

    Managing Director, Toniic
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    In many situations, there is actually a commercial model to solve a social or environmental problem and sometimes those are the better models because they’re more sustainable in the long run

    Barnaby Wiener

    Founder and Trustee, Treebeard Trust
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    To date, we have committed over £31million across nine impact investment funds. It’s still early days but our impact portfolio is in line with expectations, we track the financial and impact performance on a regular basis and we’re happy with it

    Anita Bhatia

    Investment Director, Guy’s & St Thomas’ Foundation
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    Better Society Capital has provided a great deal of support, engagement, education and some of the important guidance around frameworks…and BSC has been very helpful in highlighting opportunities to invest across the country

    Kelly Clark

    Board Member, Snowball

Let's work together to have more social impact through investment

We have pioneered investing in social impact funds for over ten years and have a dedicated team of impact investing professionals to help you understand social impact market opportunities.

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