Outcomes for all

The UK is the established global leader of Social Outcomes Contracts and many governments across the world are looking to emulate the approach.

  • What are Social Outcomes Contracts?

    Social Outcomes Contracts (SOCs) are a form of public service commissioning where the Government commissions outcomes for a specified group of individuals, e.g. better employment for those facing mental health issues or young ex-offenders.

    However, Government funding is only released if the successful outcomes are actually achieved. This is different to conventional approaches where the Government might pay for the tools to hopefully achieve a particular outcome, but for which there is no guarantee, e.g. paying for a number of support sessions to be delivered.

    Local delivery organisations receive upfront money from socially-motivated investors to deliver the service, who are only repaid if agreed outcomes are actually achieved. Importantly the financial risk sits with the investors, rather than the Government. The investors receive a small return, but only if better outcomes and better value for money is achieved.

Redefining Public Service Delivery

The independent report, Outcomes for All - Redefining Public Service Delivery, demonstrates that social outcomes contracts – public service delivery focused on empowering local charities – have generated nearly £9 of public value for every £1 spent, saving the taxpayer £507 million.

Generating millions in financial savings for the Government

  • 99

    Social Outcomes Contracts in the UK

  • £507m

    saved from government budgets so far as well as generating public benefits nearly nine times greater than the contract value

  • 55,000+

    Number of people supported

Youth employment and education

In the UK, we still have pockets of deep inequality where despite best attempts children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are not getting the support they need to thrive within schools and as they enter the workforce.

Without the right support, they are more likely to face further significant challenges as they go through life. For instance, unemployment while young is linked to long-term reductions in wages, increased likelihood of subsequent periods of unemployment, and poorer health outcomes.

Social Outcomes Contracts can help: read our policy document for a deep dive into the data and insights from the Social Outcomes Contracts (SOC) market within Education and Youth Employment, and the opportunities they present.

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The NHS is often considered as one of the greatest prides of Britain, yet it has an exhausted, chronically understaffed workforce; buildings in desperate need of repair and more than 10 percent of the population are waiting for treatment.

To properly support the NHS, more than just funding from government is needed – innovative models of commissioning that supports both prevention and fire-fighting emergencies would see a number of these concerns alleviated.

Social outcomes partnerships can help: read our policy document for a deep dive into the data and insights from the social outcomes partnership market within health, and the opportunities they present.

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What is needed from the Government?

  • Central and local Government working in partnership with local organisations to deliver more services on an outcomes basis.

  • Revival of a central Government outcomes fund to transform the way public services address complex social needs.

  • UK Government continue to be a world-leader, championing and encouraging the growth of outcomes based commissioning worldwide.

Ten years of Social Outcomes Contracts

Our Outcomes for All report shows for the first time how over the last decade, the Social Outcomes Contracts market has grown and added significant value to thousands of individuals facing complex social issues.

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