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Aman Johal, Managing Director

The NHS is often considered as one of the greatest prides of Britain, yet it has an exhausted, chronically understaffed workforce; buildings in desperate need of repair and more than 10 percent of the population are waiting for treatment.

To properly support the NHS, more than just funding from government is needed – innovative models of commissioning that supports both prevention and fire-fighting emergencies would see a number of these concerns alleviated.

Social outcomes partnerships can help: they are a proven way of delivering services that are effective and can support a shift to prevention and away from crisis response, which helps reduce the pressure on public services and empowers the local community in the long term.

National and local Governments retain full accountability while services are delivered by local social sector organisations, who are given the flexibility they greatly need - and desire - to innovate and tailor services to individuals’ needs.

  • Social outcomes partnerships enable innovative and preventative solutions into our healthcare system. The independent analysis shows that the approach empowers local community organisation's to deliver real outcomes for people in the way that suits them, all at better value to government.

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    Aman Johal

    Managing Director, Big Society Capital

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