Operating responsibly

At an organisational level, we continually seek to reduce our environmental impact as far as possible, for example using recycled paper and segregated recycling systems, as well as the ongoing emphasis across the organisation to Buy Social and Go Green.

Buying social

In 2022, we further embedded our policy to Buy Social in our procurement processes, seeking where possible to source goods and services from social enterprises, charities and not-for-profit organisations that align with our overall mission. At the end of 2022, we had 74 (2021: 41) charities, not-for-profit and social enterprises in our supply chain, including providers of catering, stationery, staff care packages, staff training, team-building events such as corporate volunteering, activity away-days, event seminars and venue hire.

To further support and expand this work we have joined a pilot procurement programme, Social Procurement Connect, led by Social Enterprise UK – the UK’s leading membership body of social enterprises – which will help us develop and implement our organisational social procurement plan, channelling more of our procurement to impact-led organisations.

Becoming a B Corp

We are looking forward to becoming B Corp certified in 2023. Following the filing of the required amendment to our Articles of Association, effective as of 21 January 2022, we have formally submitted our application and have been notified that the final stages of our application will be progressed in 2023.

Giving back

We encourage staff to undertake trustee and other governance roles in social enterprises and charities, outside their work commitments and on a voluntary basis. More than a quarter of staff undertake a variety of voluntary roles with charities and social enterprises, and more than 450 hours were spent by staff last year supporting charitable organisations in this way.