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Social outcomes 2022

Our objective in social outcomes is to build an ecosystem that supports the delivery of outcomes contracts at scale, in a broad range of policy areas supported with appropriate funding, delivery and management expertise. To achieve this, we work with stakeholders across the market to convene and share learnings, while ensuring that there is enough socially motivated capital in the market to service these projects, including investing our own capital.

  • 90 projects in the UK
  • 220 social sector organisations
  • 55000 people with complex needs supported

Working with Government

In 2022, Big Society Capital worked to build the market, concentrating efforts on public advocacy to build knowledge and networks across all areas of Government, at both local and central level. As part of this effort, we commissioned an independent review of impact achieved to date by social outcomes contracts across the UK. These results found that for every £1 that Government has spent on outcomes commissioning, a further £10.20 of public value has been created. The results were published[1] as part of an Outcomes For All Campaign, with a launch in Parliament in the summer.

Maximising impact

We also worked within our existing investments to support continued performance of established projects and showcase best practice. To date, there have been 90 social outcomes projects in the UK, through which more than 220 social sector organisations have been able to deliver vital support to more than 55,000 people with complex needs, across the areas of homelessness, children’s services, health, education and employment.

Support for complex needs