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Financial product types

A diverse range of financial products is vital for a successful investment ecosystem. We support fund managers to design and develop financial products that bring together the needs of enterprises and investors to deliver impact.

  • £408m Drawn down from Big Society Capital – All data from Big Society Capital
  • £1.3bn Drawn down from Big Society Capital and other investors alongside us
  • 2.3x Amount our capital has been matched by other investors

Our goals are twofold. First, to make sure the right range of tools – of appropriate financial products – are available. Second, it is to grow the amount of capital which flows through these products. We’ve had significant success, with the market increasing by six-fold since 2012. The opportunities for and barriers to growth vary according to specific market circumstances so our approach to developing these products also varies. In some areas such as property and renewables we are increasingly able to demonstrate both positive impact and financial returns. But in other areas, such as smaller loan funds, we have learnt blended capital with grants is needed to best deliver impact.