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Arts, Heritage, Sports and Faith

Cuts to public funding put local services such as libraries, leisure centres and community organisations under pressure to find new ways to raise money, to grow or survive. Social enterprises, charities and social purpose organisations use social impact investment in many different ways to provide affordable sports facilities, develop inclusive arts centres and community programmes, and preserve heritage buildings. They often generate revenue by charging for facilities and services, which they then use to fund community-based programmes. While organisations frequently collect data such as visitor numbers, a growing number are recognising the need to produce more comprehensive evidence of how they improve lives and communities. Increased impact support in this sector can help organisations starting out on their measurement journey.​

​These social enterprises, charities and social purpose organisations can support individuals to find fulfilment, health and wellbeing in their lives, and to develop cultural skills and confidence. They often play a vital role at the heart of resilient, thriving communities.

  • £160.2m Amount committed to Arts, Heritage, Faith & Sport by Big Society Capital and other investors alongside us
  • 185 Number of frontline investments