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Physical Health

Demand on the health and social care system is rising due to an ageing population and the increased life expectancy of people living with long-term health conditions. Budget pressures make it increasingly hard to meet this demand for services.

Social impact investment is supporting social enterprises, charities, and social purpose organisations that are developing preventative and community-based services to provide higher quality care for older people – both at home and in residential settings – and to help people stay active and well. Revenue is generated in the form of care fees, either from individuals or from contracting services to commissioners. ​

​Social enterprises, charities, and social purpose organisations help improve the quality of life for people with long-term conditions and support people to maintain healthy lifestyles and stay safe. They also help communities become more healthy and physically active, while improving access to good quality, safe health and social care services.

  • £67.3m Amount committed to Physical Health by Big Society Capital and other investors alongside us
  • 142 Number of frontline investments