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Family, Friends and Relationships

The consequences of relationship breakdown, poverty, domestic violence and loneliness are huge, both for individuals and society. Without a proper support network, it can become difficult for some people to cope. ​

Social enterprises, charities, and social purpose organisations are using social impact investment to support vulnerable young people, provide high-quality childcare, and help children on the edge of care – with an emphasis on intervening early, and prevention. They generate their revenue largely through fees or payment-by-results contracts with local authorities, although it can take time to build partnerships with commissioners to replicate successful interventions.

Impact evidence is well developed in this area, as organisations have to report what they’ve achieved to commissioners. We now want to build up a better understanding of the longer-term effect of interventions for vulnerable children, so we can target our investments more strategically.​

Social enterprises, charities, and social purpose organisations are addressing the barriers, and helping people stay in education, employment and training. They‘re also helping people develop technical and soft skills that benefit local economies.

  • £23.2m Amount committed to Family, Friends and Relationships by Big Society Capital and other investors alongside us
  • 55 Number of frontline investments