Big Society Capital Quadrennial Review Response

We welcome the independent Quadrennial Review into Big Society Capital carried out on behalf of The Big Society Trust. Our Chair, Sir Harvey McGrath, shares our response to the review.


Written by

Harvey McGrath, Board member

We welcome the review carried out on behalf of The Big Society Trust. The report acknowledges the substantial progress Big Society Capital has made towards our objectives, while recognising that we still have plenty to do and more to learn in this rapidly developing area. Although we report regularly on our progress, this is the first such overarching review of our work and we wish to thank the panel for their hard work as well as the individuals and organisations who contributed. The report highlights some of the challenges and strategic issues, many of which are inherent in our mandate, that we will grapple with as we chart the next phase of our journey. In this response I will set out how we intend to better understand and address these issues over the months ahead.

Big Society Capital's response

Read the full letter from our Chair, Sir Harvey McGrath, in response to the review.