Entering the world of work and social impact investment

Big Society Capital proudly takes part in an apprenticeship scheme to allow young people to enter the social impact investment sector and gain the skills and knowledge to grow. The scheme is run by Multiverse, a purpose driven organisation that matches non-graduate talent with apprenticeship opportunities, helping to create a diverse group of future leaders.

For International Youth Day 2021, our three apprentices share their learning experience entering the world of work and social impact investment.


Written by

Joe Colkett, Finance Officer
Katie Hookins, Junior Communications Officer

What has been your biggest learning since joining Big Society Capital?

Joe - I joined Big Society Capital in November 2020 as part of the finance team. When first joining Big Society Capital, I had little knowledge of impact investing and how money raised can be used to bring about positive change as well as healthy returns to investors. It opened my eyes to how money is used and showed me the potential that we as a society have by using these funds to create the positive change that we want to see.

Katie – Since joining Big Society Capital in November 2020, I have learnt what social impact investment is and the effect that it has on the communities around us. The organisation held an induction in May for all the new joiners. Here I got to speak to other people in the sector and I learnt so much about the different charities and enterprises that we invest into through the fund managers we work with.

Rosie – I would say my biggest learning has been understanding how an organisation works and the complexity of it. I came to Big Society Capital straight from school, so going immediately into an established company was daunting, especially because I had no experience in the sector or working in an office. But it has been such a fun and insightful experience, learning first-hand how to work in a team of people, but also working remotely. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to grips with the organisation and how everyone has an important role in creating a positive impact through social investment.

How have you settled into your team and what inspires you to make a positive impact in your role?

Joe - I work in the finance team which is part of the core team at Big Society Capital. My team have helped me develop my skills and confidence to where I can say that I feel like a valued member of the team. Starting my career from home was a scary thought, I worried that I may struggle to pick things up having to learn virtually but everyone in my team has always been happy to help. My team have never made me feel like my questions are invalid, I’m grateful that they have always encouraged my learning. Knowing the positive impact that Big Society Capital has on communities really inspires me to continue my learning and development as I know that as I become better at my job, I will indirectly be able to contribute more to those people that BSC works so hard to invest in.

Katie - I work in the Communications team which is a part of the Engagement group here at Big Society Capital. My team have been amazing at helping me settle in and make the transition from school into the workplace by guiding me through the role and offering support. I joined the team in a virtual workplace which was quite different to working in a classroom. But my team have been great at building my confidence and have helped me grow professionally and personally. Since joining the team, I have been able to offer new ideas and perspectives on delivering effective comms internally and externally.

Rosie - I think I have really settled into my team in Social Sector Engagement in the short time I’ve been here. The fact it’s a small team compared to others has helped me feel more at ease as I’ve had the opportunity to get to know everybody well. Being an apprentice has made me feel the need to make a lasting impression, especially as I had no experience so that’s provided me with motivation. Also, this sector of social impact investment has such important and positive outcomes which is an amazing thing to be a part of. So, I think this definitely inspires me to work hard and reminds me how privileged I am.

What is the one thing you are looking forward to achieving during your apprenticeship?

Joe - I look forward to being able to complete the first qualification on my road to becoming a qualified accountant. The skills and knowledge that I learn from that, alongside everything my team teach me will allow me to contribute more to my team as well as the company. I hope to develop into a strong and reliable member of the finance team that gives them the confidence that I can handle my role well. As well as being able to contribute new ideas and ways to improve our processes which will ultimately allow us to contribute more to the company as a whole.

Katie - I hope to make a difference in the organisation by changing the way we communicate our brand externally. Also, by making our content more inclusive to a wider audience who may not know much about the sector. I have been doing research around the readability of our current content and optimising it for our social media platforms and website. I hope that this will become a regular practice here at Big Society Capital and continues after I finish my apprenticeship programme.

Rosie - I am looking forward to contributing in any way I can in order to make a difference. This sector is an incredible place to work as you can see the difference it's making in people's lives, which I think is something that will foremost be the best aspect. I’m excited to gain a deeper understanding and apply what I learn through my apprenticeship training into my job role at Big Society Capital.