Market data FAQs


What is the market sizing?
This is our estimate of the outstanding value of social impact investments (i.e. balance sheet amount). It shows the value of outstanding transactions (live deals) in the social impact investment market as of the end of 2022.

Why do we carry out this exercise?
As well as being an investor ourselves, Better Society Capital has a mandate to grow the wider social impact investment market. We measure the market each year to see how much progress is being made as well as to understand who is active in the market and where the investment is going.

How is the market size calculated?
We start with our own portfolio, then use our networks and desk research to understand other deals in the social impact investment market that we are not invested in. We classify social impact investment as where both investors and investees have displayed social impact intent.


Deal flow is the amount of money committed to an investment deal, but not necessarily drawn down or utilised within the year.

Enterprise level data is collected from social sector organisations that have taken on social investment in the form of loans, and demonstrates where those organisations are based and which social issues they are tackling. This year’s sample is from more than 650 social sector organisations.

We have tried to retain a similar methodology over time but are continually making advances in our use of data and transparency so there are some minor differences from year to year. The exercise is our best effort estimate. We welcome your input and thank all the investors who have provided their data to enable this update.

If you would like to find out more about our methodology, please get in touch.