Aparito is a digital health company that enables the remote monitoring of patients during clinical drug trials for rare diseases.


Key information

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    Impact venture
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    Enterprise equity
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    UK wide
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  • Challenge

    There are over 6,000 rare diseases affecting 350 million people globally. Clinical trials for these diseases typically require regular and ongoing monitoring of patients through continuous hospital visits. Many of these trials are inconclusive due to a lack of data.

  • Approach

    Aparito has developed a technology platform (Atom5) consisting of a smartphone app and wearable devices to collect continuous patient-generated data remotely. This allows clinicians to monitor patients through the clinical trial outside of the hospital setting.

  • Revenue model

    The technology is purchased by a range of organisations involved in clinical trials such as bio-tech companies, pharmaceuticals, and clinical research organisations.

  • Impact

    The platform delivers relevant, real-time data to clinicians resulting in faster diagnosis, treatment, and drug development for rare diseases.

    It provides a unique opportunity to understand more accurately how a patient is feeling and functioning through the trials and reduces the burden on patients, with fewer hospital visits, tests and assessments.

Responding to COVID-19

  • For people undergoing cancer treatment, this is a particularly worrying time. Patients displaying any form of viral symptoms are assumed ‘potential virus-positive’ and risk contaminating other vulnerable patients during clinic visits. This risk is particularly high for cancer patients who are immunosuppressed and the need to reduce unplanned visits during the current pandemic is especially important.

  • Aparito was quick to respond to the crisis as its existing technology lends itself to supporting routine clinical care remotely. Having partnered with Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board in Wales, Atom5 is now helping monitor up to 1,200 cancer patients, meaning they can stay at home whilst still receiving care and support remotely from their clinicians.

  • Over the last five years at Aparito we have deployed our Atom5 platform for supporting patient enrolment in clinical trials and research. The solution naturally lends itself to supporting routine clinical care and we are pleased that we can offer this to support.

    Dr Innominato

    Consultant Oncologist at Ysbyty Gwynedd

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