Second Nature


Second Nature tackles chronic health conditions by helping people lose weight and live healthier lives.


Key information

  • Focus area

    Impact venture
  • Investment type

    Enterprise equity
  • Region

    UK wide
  • Investment amount

  • Challenge

    Nearly two-thirds of adults in the UK are overweight or obese, which significantly increases their risk of developing life-threatening diseases such as cancer, heart disease and type 2-diabetes. Many people struggle to lose and maintain a healthy weight and lack the support they need to make a lasting change.

  • Approach

    Second Nature helps people change their eating and exercise habits to reduce their risk of developing weight-related chronic disease. The 12-week habit change programme combines behavioural science and technology, with tailored support. Second Nature helps people stay on-track beyond the initial programme through its online support network of like-minded people.

  • Revenue model

    The programme is commissioned by the NHS for patients and it can also be accessed directly by customers online via the website.

  • Impact

    Second Nature has reached 150,000 people through its lifestyle-change programme and is part of two major NHS initiatives for diabetes prevention and weight management. It's been clinically proven to help 9/10 people lose weight and keep it off for more than 12 months. 40% saw a reduction in blood sugar levels below the type 2 diabetes threshold in the first three months.

Responding to COVID-19

  • During the coronavirus pandemic, the need to stay physically healthy has never been greater, yet the stress caused by high levels of uncertainty and social distancing may trigger unhealthy habits such as emotional eating and reduced physical activity.

    Second Nature has been able to continue business as usual, whilst quickly responding with online resources to help people stay on track during the crisis. It proactively assessed the concerns and needs of its customers and discovered that 47% of prospects and users are eating more snacks, with over 60% expecting to gain weight during lockdown.

  • As well as offering a range of corporate packages for organisations looking to support their teams’ transition to working-from-home, Second Nature also offers free 1-hour video presentations to companies on building healthy habits.

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