Mapping support available to intermediaries

Last December, we launched the Building Blocks framework, identifying the key components intermediaries need to have in order to be effective and sustainable in the long term.


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Claire Kearney, Managing Director, Investment Networks

For the past nine months we have been piloting a number of tools that are designed to help organisations identify their own strengths and weaknesses, with the aim of working in closer collaboration with the intermediaries in our portfolio.

The tools have included a Building Blocks in-practice guide and a self-assessment survey that organisations can use to help identify strengths, development needs and areas where additional support could be valuable.

We’re really interested in uncovering common challenges facing intermediaries. And while some of these will need and benefit from new, sector wide approaches we are also aware that there are a number of useful tools and resources already available.

Today, we’re publishing a support map that is a first step in pointing intermediaries towards the different resources available in each of the different areas of the Building Blocks.

The resources in the guide have been sourced both from our intermediaries and from our own experience of what we and others have found useful.  

The support map has two components:

  • Resources that focus on theory –  articles, blogs, or papers that set out guiding frameworks for understanding specific concepts, or that reflect on the practical experience or wisdom of individual or organisations
  • Resources that focus on practice – toolkits, customisable templates and worksheets and step by step guides that are designed to help put theory into practice

Some resources are more closely aligned with impact-driven organisations, for example, those resources on measuring and managing social impact. Others are more widely applicable – for example those that look at how to build a learning culture, or tools on effective recruitment and personal development.

The map is a work in progress and will be a living document that is updated regularly based on feedback on what people find most helpful and crucially, on what other tools are available.

With that in mind, we’d encourage you to download the map and start exploring. We would really appreciate any feedback on:

  • Additional examples – are there other resources or support that you have come across or used and found helpful?
  • Gaps – are there areas where you have looked for accessible support and have really struggled?

This could help us identify areas where co-ordinated, sector wide solution could be required.

Claire Kearney

Claire Kearney

Managing Director, Investment Networks
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