Partner with us

Working together with expert partners to develop new ideas, scale what works, and grow social impact investment


Our work would not be possible without the investors we work with, nor the fund managers, social enterprises and charities who create the social impact. We can’t achieve our goals without continuing to work in partnership.

Together we can take social impact investment to the next level, creating even greater social change.

  • We invest for impact

    There are many ways that different types of investors can have a significant impact, helping to improve the lives of people while also achieving a financial return. We help a variety of asset owners, from individuals to institutional investors, to spur new types of investment and scale more proven models.

    For investors
  • We invest in funds

    By investing in funds alongside other investors, we can make more capital available to social enterprises and charities to improve people's lives. After an investment is made, we support fund managers to measure and manage social impact and financial performance, and help them to develop strong, sustainable business models.

    For fund managers
  • We help enterprises navigate social investment

    Social impact investment can sometimes be confusing and difficult to navigate. We use a range of tools and resources to improve access to information and help organisations find out whether repayable finance is right for them.

    For social enterprises and charities
  • We support innovation

    We find partners to contribute expertise, grants or capital to develop new and innovative ways of addressing social challenges.

    Creating new ideas
  • We help inform policy

    We work with government at every level to help create a supportive policy environment in which social impact investment can help tackle social issues. Get in touch with our Policy and Strategy Manager.

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